Dear Mama,

I never liked to talk about this much, because it’s personal and sad. I hope that by sharing, it helps someone in pain. I lost 9 babies through IVF. Some call them embryos. I call them babies. So, I mourned 9 babies (some boys and some girls) that we couldn’t implant on transfer day. My pain isn’t anymore than someone else’s. I just hurt….

Dear Food,

You’re like an ocean wave crashing against a sand castle that was meticulously created for hours on the beach. You came crashing back into my life and swept part of the castle that I built with my own hands. My sweat and tears. Hours spent on me washed away with the morning tide. So, I took the plunge, and I’m headed to dry ground….

My First Blog Post

Hey! Welcome to the Pleasant Hill Ranch blog. I am so excited to share a glimpse of my life, a sliver of my soul, many years packed into these simple, but heartfelt blog posts. I want to unravel the yarn and slowly roll it back up as I share what I love about life sprinkled with experiences that shaped me: Ranching, Horse life, DIY…